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Bluegrass Sundays on Aspen Mountain

August 14, 2005


Mummy and Dada did some reorganizing of our play nook. We can actually find our toys now!

They also reorganized our bedroom. Alex was too busy playing with his trains to notice...

But we couldn't waste time playing at home when there were adventures to be had on top of Aspen Mountain!

There is a free bluegrass concert on top of the mountain every Sunday, so every Sunday we ride up to the

top of the mountain to dance. We raced outside, climbed in our bicycle chariot, and headed off to the

Gondola station in the middle of town.

Jeremy took charge of the town side of the Gondola...

and Alex took charge of the mountain side...

Today's bluegrass band is named "Free Peoples" and they were great!

They came all the way from the Bay area.

When Mummy suggested we go into the Sundeck to get some lunch,

Jeremy wanted to stay outside dancing.

But Alex, who never misses a meal, raced inside to ask for

his favorite Sunday lunch: "nuggets and fries"!!

(Hippy Boy needs a haircut!)

Back outside we tried dancing with hula hoops...

           But even expert instruction from Mummy couldn't help us.

We love Sundays at 11,000 feet!




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