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Take us out to the ballpark

August 8, 2005


We had such an amazing Holiday in Denver.

In just one day we got new shoes for school, we went to the zoo, (we took a nap),

AND THEN we went to Coors Field to see the Rockies play the Marlins.

Mummy says marlins are big fish.

That might explain why they are so bad at playing Baseball. It is difficult for fish to hold baseball bats.

We liked watching the game. Jeremy kept shouting "More hit the ball! Hit ball to Jeremy!"

But the Rockies are not very good this season, and they didn't hit the ball very hard.

Alex tried to explain the game to his Lamb...

...but Lamb said it was too hot to concentrate on the game.

Lamb said "Let's go get some ice cream!" "Chocolate ice cream!"

So we did!

It was very YUMMY!

Mummy said we were the Messiest Boys in the entire ballpark.

(We didn't point out that there were so few people in the ballpark that it wasn't hard to be the messiest!)

So we ran up and down the aisles and sat on the hot seats and watch the Rockies

and the Big Fish swing at and miss the baseballs.

And we sang the baseball song: "Take us out to the ballpark, we don't care if we ever come back!"

The Rockies won the game in extra innings!

Go Rockies!




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