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Riding the Glenwood Tramway

July 19, 2005


When we were just one month old Mummy & Dada took us for a ride on the

brand-new tram in Glenwood Springs

We've changed a bit in two years, so we went back to see if the tram has changed.


We were VERY excited when Mummy told us we were going on a tram ride today!

We barely remember the last time.  (Mostly we looked at Mummy's & Dada's shirts.)

But now we're big enough to sit in our own seats, and to shout "BLAST OFF!"

when the tram leaves the station.

The tram has changed too.  They've added more cars to the tram. And there are

lots of fun new things to do on top of the mountain. Down below the valley has

changed too -- the mesa on the far side of the Colorado River is fast becoming a

Target store, a Loews, and a Bed Bath & Beyond.



At the top we met two very friendly little bears.  Alex announced that they are

Jeremy Bear and Alex Bear.

And there is a HUGE sandbox full of cool trucks and diggers!

and then, best of all, we got to ride down the tram again!

Hooray for tram rides!

We had the best time this morning!




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